Hotel and Resort Sales Support work with everyone from Hotel Management Companies, Franchises and Independently owned Hotels and Venues, providing the benefits of an in-house sales professional without the overheads.

HRS Hotel Management Support

Hotel Owners

We work directly with hotel owners to support their individual hotels. With a cost effective approach with no-overheads, we provide the hotel or venue with an experienced senior level director of sales to step in and maintain the role for a defined period of time.

Property Sales

General Managers at times don’t have the resources to dedicate to a constant sales effort. We can offer additional resource during this time to supplement and support an existing sales team.

HRS Consulting Provide Support for Hotel Management

Management Companies

We work with hotel management companies to support with short or long term needs. It’s crucial that the sales process never stops during times of recruitment or extended leave at those unexpected times. We can step in with little notice to support management companies during these times.


We don’t just work with hotels, but also offer our services to non-residential venues who have spaces to fill. We will use our expertise to identify new opportunities for venues to maximise their potential.

Hotel & Resort Sales Support Event Management

Event Management

We also offer support with event management giving organisers an additional resources to underpin their needs.

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